Lee Lindsey

If there was ever a story to tell about not giving up on your dream – this is it.

Like the flower that she has chosen to use in her branding, Lee Lindsey is a tall poppy. Her resiliency in life, business and pursuing her dreams, has made Lindsey stand out in this garden we call life. Lindsey was born in Canada, but knew from an early age she wouldn’t be planting her roots any time soon. At age 15, with just a guitar and portfolio, she set out to make it on her own. The aspiring model and songwriter became a globetrotter. Eventually Lindsey married and settled down in London, England. She was blessed with two children, and they became her focus for quite some time. Lindsey realized that her dreams needed to be fulfilled, if she were to be her true self and an inspiration to her children. Using her business and entrepreneurial skills, Lee started her indie label, Tall Poppy Records and set out to host musical showcase nights she called Tall Poppy Presents. Artists established and new, sought out Lee’s events, and audiences grew to love the warm atmosphere. Lee and her children often played, and their guests felt like an extension of their family. In 2000, Lee and her children returned to Canada to be with her dying mother. The visit resonated with her, and 4 years later, she packed up her children and dog, hopped across the pond, and replanted in Vancouver. Arriving there was bittersweet; the Lindsey’s were starting anew, but making connections was difficult for the family. Still, she had a driving spirit and two children whom looked to her as a role model- she pushed forward and kept pursuing her aspirations. She performed live, built a recording studio, recorded her second album and began hosting Tall Poppy Presents in Vancouver.

Things seemed to be going according to plan, until tragedy struck. In 2007, an electrical fire burned the family home to the ground- Although the family escaped with their lives, they were left homeless, without any material possessions, and without much hope. Lindsey’s recording studio and music catalogue was also lost, devastating her business. Singing, touring, and hosting, stopped as Lindsey focussed all her energy on rebuilding (literally) everything. Though it took several years, Lindsey came out stronger and more driven than ever. Rising like a phoenix from the ashes, when most would have given up, is what defined Lindsey. Her two children, inspired by mother would eventually begin to emulate her as they rebuilt their lives. Both her son Sam Bradley and daughter Grace Lindsey are musicians and are growing in popularity quite rapidly. As her children grew up, Lindsey (ever the Renaissance woman) designed and built their second Canadian home/A Residential Recording studio/B & B which drew in musicians and inspired musical genius and where she has just completed recording her 3rd album.

Lindsey, now living in what she lovingly calls, Poppy Cottage, will be releasing her highly anticipated third album, Flowers in March 2013. This album promises to deliver Lee’s quirky blend of folk, pop and with her usual country twist. You can take the girl out of this country and all over the world but you can’t take the country out of the girl.

For more details on Lee and to hear the music please visit www.leelindseymusic.com.